Why You Need An Investment Philosophy Before an Investing Strategy

Do any of these challenges exist in your investing world?


  • You feel anxious because the stock market is unstable

  • You're overwhelmed with information

  • Your struggling with finding the right type of investment

The answers to your problems above won't be found in a Podcast or through online chat, these are Philosophical problems and can only be solved through discovering who you are as an investor.

Once you get your mind around who you are as an investor you'll begin to...

  • Better wrap you mind around the type of real estate you want to invest in

  • You'll better identify what a good team & Syndication opportunity looks like

  • Hone in on the type of information that would make you a more informed investor

Envision Working With Us Like This...

  1. The Inner Investor Meeting- Let's first get to know one another through a discovery call, understanding your goals & challenges are most important.

  2. You'll download "Don't Be Landlord", it's a short read about Syndication in a nutshell. Actually do that now...


3. You'll join the "PurpleCircle" don't worry it's free, the Circle keeps you abreast on new ideas, solutions and investment opportunities.

4. Within a week we'll schedule a follow up call

In the meantime check out this nifty little video, share it with others, than schedule a consultation below.

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Kristen Derethal, Corporate Recruiter

“Michael is really great to partner with. He always makes himself available and is very hardworking and ensures that things are done in a timely fashion. He is very on top of things and makes sure to stay on top of communication so that everyone is in the loop. Working with Michael is effective and a breeze! I hope to continue to work with Michael in the future”  


Robert Urbach, Business Analysts

“Michael is one of the most natural Leaders I have worked with. He is well respected by direct reports, peers, and clients equally. Michael is especially good at building lasting healthy relationships that drive team and company success. He is also excellent in recognizing new business opportunities and innovation” 


Mark Shaw, Broker

“Michael is the real deal. I have worked with him for 6 years. A professional of high integrity with an unbelievable response ethic”