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"We Remove The Headaches Related to Real Estate Investing"


Are you….

A busy affluent professional??

Too busy with your careers, business and families to manage rental properties?


Do you…

Dread dealing with tenants, toilets, & termites?

Desire hassle-free passive income?


What if we showed you an easier way to get in the real estate game? Minus the land lording headaches of course.

Would this peak your interest?


Designed With The Busy Affluent Professional in Mind


The Ciocon Group exist to remove the headaches related with real estate investing. We educate affluent professional’s about Syndication and the magic of the Multifamily Business. Led by Michael C. Esver and inspired by Gregorio Ciocon Sr. 


       “We Promise Headache Free Real Estate Investing”                                 

Eager to Lean More?

Request Free "Don't Be a Landlord" Guide

We’re here to solve your problems”


We know you’re busy killing it at your jobs, expanding your careers, running your business, and raising a family. You're just too darn busy to be a landlord! 


What We'll Do For You.

Think of us as your Capital Concierge who has already done the  heavy lifting for you, picture these perks...


  • The Market and the Team already vetted

  • Property already selected

  • Legal Entity and Structure in place

  • eSign documents ready to review

How We Work.


First you hop on a plane... No, No just kidding that’s our job! 


Let’s first find some firm footing and get to know one another with a chat on the phone. An understanding of your investment challenges, hopes & dreams are most important.

Our Core Service is about playing matchmaker...we match your investment philosophy with the right investment opportunity, listening and learning about you is priority one. We’ve learned  that happy investors are well informed investors. 

That’s it, people friendly and pain free 





About Us.



Simply put, we’re a team who thrives on helping people like you reach your goals. We get it, we’re busy too just like you and we also seek simplicity. We’re investor’s ourselves, who subscribes to our own medicine and have no problem facing obstacles head on. Yes, we have a track record and we certainly should. Sometimes though you may just need an answer to a simple question, feel free to drop us a note at michael@theciocongroup.com

we’re delighted to help!


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Check out what other's from the  Circle have said...

Kristen Derethal, Corporate Recruiter

“Michael is really great to partner with. He always makes himself available and is very hardworking and ensures that things are done in a timely fashion. He is very on top of things and makes sure to stay on top of communication so that everyone is in the loop. Working with Michael is effective and a breeze! I hope to continue to work with Michael in the future”  

Robert Urbach, Business Analysts

“Michael is one of the most natural Leaders I have worked with. He is well respected by direct reports, peers, and clients equally. Michael is especially good at building lasting healthy relationships that drive team and company success. He is also excellent in recognizing new business opportunities and innovation” 

Mark Shaw, Broker

“Michael is the real deal. I have worked with him for 6 years. A professional of high integrity with an unbelievable response ethic”