Are you a busy affluent professional?

Too busy to research real estate markets? 
Don't want the hassle of tenants,toilets, or termites? 
Got absolutely no time to be a Landlord?
Don't be one!

Be a Limited Partner in a Real Estate Syndication

Below are 5 foundational elements of being a Limited Partner

Capital Preservation

When you invest in real estate the first question is always, how will my capital be preservered? 

  • Market selection is key to any real estate investment

  • The team who you are investing in and who will be operating the business is an important factor

  • Conservative underwriting with built in reserves

Before getting into the nuts & bolts of real estate, we first believe that real estate investing starts first with developing a "Philosophy" It's so important that we start every engagement with understanding or developing your investing Philosophy. 

Limited Exposure

The awesome thing about being a Limited Partner is that you're only responsible for the amount that you invest. The General Partners take on the burden of  the business debts, risk and other major liabilities. Hence the word "Limited" 

  • Limited Partners (LP's) don't make day to day business decisions

  • LP's have access to private investing opportunities

  • Limited Partners are 'silent partners' who aren't involved with leasing, late night repairs or property upkeep


This means more family time and time to enjoy things you love to do!

Cash Flow

Cash Flow is a by product of a skillful Operator, savvy Property Management and delighting the customers (tenants).

  • Expect monthly distributions

  • Easy automatic deposits right into your bank account

  • Relax easy and enjoy your return on investment

Tax Benefits

Financial Freedom

There are tax advantages in being a Limited Partner

  • Passive income is the lowest taxed income type

  • Pass through business structure

  • Benefiting from bonus depreciation

Always seek advice from a qualified CPA.

Financial freedom doesn't have to be difficult however it is a process. With clear goals and a clear WHY it is attainable.

  • Real estate is just a vehicle, a vehicle to get you to where you want to be financially

  • Keep it simple, start with one investment and build from there

  • Building passive income free's you from trading time for money