If you’re like most of my clients, you’re a high achiever, committed, and a heavy contributor at your job. While you love what you do, trading more time for more money seems to have no end and burnout is beginning to surface.


Typically, at this point of your career you’ve gotten so darn good at your craft you’re getting the bug to start your own consulting firm but lack the time, but the extra income would be nice. However, your own business would still require you to trade time for money.

I can truly relate to that as I too went through the same phase…

The turnaround for me is discovering passive income, I discovered a way to not only help myself but help others learn about passive income using real estate as the vehicle, it’s a great way to increase income without having to trade your valuable time for money. If you really put your heart into it, you can create enough passive income to pay for your monthly expenses in the quest of financial freedom.

Humbly, I"ve flourish professionally, earning back to back “Allstar Awards” with fortune 500 companies. I had the opportunity to work at companies such as Pitney Bowes and Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) managing relationships in major high-profile accounts such as; Chevron, Workday, PwC, and Wells Fargo. Now as the Chief Capital Concierge for The Ciocon Group, I am seeking to make radical change in other people’s lives by helping them discover the power of passive income.






My favorite success is at home with my family, I’ve been married to my wife Myra since 1997, we have two beautiful daughters who are thriving in their own right, not to mention a German Shepherd to protect the compound LOL. Best of all I have their loving support in becoming the best version of myself.


No real magic formula here or any get rich quick schemes, it’s just pure good old fashion consistency.


I'd love to help you achieve the same!

Along with my team at The Ciocon Group, we help busy affluent professionals discover passive income using real estate as the vehicle, minus the landlord headaches.


Through bite size guides like “Don’t Be a Landlord” or through

RadicalManTheBlog, we are creating free content to help our circle of friends achieve more. Each day we experience busy professionals taking the leap, will you join us too?